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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Character Template EmptyMon Jul 22, 2013 2:14 pm

Below is the template for creating an original characters. Please make sure you have read the Creation Rules and this post before you Submit a character.

  1. Copy and paste the following code into your character submission:

    [b]Physical Description:[/b]
    [b]Back Story:[/b]
    [b]On-Going Story:[/b]
    [b]Other Notes/Extra:[/b]

  2. Look over the following description for anything that is not self-explanatory.

Name: What is your characters given name. If they have a preferred name or nickname be sure to include it.  
Gender: Male, Female or Other(ex. Transgender, Agender, Gender Fluid, Androgynous)
Age: Number of years your character has been alive.
Species: What is your character. If you are making a new Species be sure to fill out a Species Template
Physical Description: What does your character look like. Be sure to include hair, facial features, body type, clothing preference and whatever else you deem necessary.
Personality: How does your character act by themselves, around other people, in common situations. How do they carry and present themselves.
Skills/Abilities: A list or description of all the powers or special talents/skills your character has. Be sure to make them understandable for anyone who happens to be reading characters profile. Be sure to include repercussions that come with the power. (Note: If any powers seem incredibly OP (over powered); seeming completely unbeatable, do not have any significant draw back for immense power... that will be seen as god modding (giving your character god-like attributes). Though nothing may be done immediately to have it changed if, during play, it does result in god modding or powerplaying you may be asked to revise it.)
Weapon(s): List any weapons that your character uses. This is limited to just weapons that your character uses regularly. If they carry around more than 3 weapons, make sure you list those that are most important, less significant weapons do not need to be mentioned.
Likes: List a few of the things your character enjoys.
Dislikes: List a few of the things that either piss your character off or upset them in some way.
Strength(s): A list of your characters strong points.
Weakness(es): A list of your characters weak points (These two lists should be equal in length. If you have 3 strengths you should have 3 weaknesses)
World: If your character lives in a world different from our Earth describe it here. If your character is from a world that already exists in another story put what fandom and what world it is.
Back Story: Give a brief (or in depth) description of your characters past. Life with their family and as a kid. How things were where they lived when they grew up... and the like. But as much detail as you deem necessary.
On-Going Story: What is going on in your characters life at the point where you would start RPing. What sort of thing are they looking to do in the near or late future.
Other Notes/Extra: Whatever additional notes you believe that other people should know about your character.
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Character Template
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