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Basic Rules

  1. Be aware of where you are posting. Some of the different sections have their own sets of rules that must be followed. Ensure that you know what you are posting and where you are posting it. Posts that are posted in the wrong spot will be moved to their appropriate topic, the original poster will be informed.

  2. No god modding or power playing. Both are very rude roleplaying habits that some people do unfortunate utilize. God modding is making a character immune to any and all damage directed at them, or making them fantastical in a sense that nothing bad ever happens to them or is written to avoid that character completely. Power playing is controlling a character that does not belong to you. Only with the exception of designated NPCs within the RP, this is usually used to move an RP the way one of the people wants it to go. You cannot make another members character do anything, even if it is simply following your character.

    Please make sure you report all God Modding and Powerplaying to me, Davesprite. If a single member does not correct their playing after five warnings they will be banned.

  3. No harassing your fellow players. In is any way. Do not verbally abuse or offend other players in out of character context. Respect the decisions of your fellow players, do not force anyone to do anything that they may not be comfortable with. If a person fails to reply to an RP there is no need to rudely or forcefully remind them to reply. Everyone has down periods in their life where they are not able to sit down and write.

    It is very important to report any harassment, whether it is directed at you or any other player. If you are reported for harassment you will have one chance to explain yourself to me. Appropriate actions will be taken for any and all harassment reports. Up to but not excluding IP banning. In extreme cases authorities may be contacted.

  4. Be aware and considerate of triggering topics. I am not restricting you from talking about these in an RP if everyone within the game is alright with it. Be sure you tag possible triggers in the first post or the title of an RP though, just in case. Possible triggers can include: Self harm, suicide, gender issues, abuse(verbal and physical)/bullying, rape, gore, mental/physical handicap, eating disorder, death, substance abuse(drugs and alcohol).

    If you find a post that you find triggering yourself tell me and I will talk with the original poster. If the post is overly obscene I may go out of my way to delete or make it well known that there is heavily triggering content within a thread.

  5. Keep ads and large banners out of your signature. If you wish to advertise your own site do so elsewhere. If you have a signature that is more than 125px tall you will be asked to remove it or put it into a spoiler bar.

  6. Private Message Privacy. As of when you join the site your private messages are your own. As admin I understand everyone’s right to their privacy even when it’s on the internet.

    This may not always be the case though. If a user is reported to send offensive, perverted, or threatening messages to another member I will go through their personal messages. You can trust that if I find anything that is against the law (especially if it’s with or to minors) Your IP will be banned from this site, your personal messages will be saved and authorities may be contacted.

Chatbox Rules

  1. No Spamming. This includes: gibberish text, website advertisement and large pictures. Do not promote your own website in the chat box there is a spot for you to put links to your own websites. Keep pictures either linked or small. Do not post large pictures in the chat box. If any of the above is seen the chat box will be wiped and you will be banned from the chat box for a day. Constant abuse of this rule will get you banned from the chatbox for the rest of your stay.

  2. Keep it PG. No excessive, pointless cursing. Certain words may be banned altogether. No pornographic content in the chat box. No triggering topics (See rule 4 above). This is a space that any member can enter and what be normal for one person may be highly offensive or in appropriate for others. Punishment is the same as the rule above.

  3. Do not ask to be a chat box moderator.Moderators will be chosen by me. I will ask people who I deem fit to survey the chatbox. Moderators will be selected as those who follow and enforce the rules of the chatbox.

    Moderators have one additional rule and that is to not abuse their power. They cannot ban people who have done nothing wrong. They cannot clear the chat history without being asked to with good reason.

  4. Keep in mind what you say in the chatbox is public.As I said before any member can access the chatbox. Any of these members can access the archive of the chatbox. I myself will read the chat every chance I get. It will be heavily monitored simply due to the fact that I have seen some horrible things in my days.

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Forum Rules
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