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 Welcome to AlterEGO

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Welcome to AlterEGO

This RP site was formed July 22nd, 2013 with the intent to encompass a large group of roleplayers of different ages, skill levels and interests...

To allow you to release your alter ego.

you may call me Dave. You can consider me your guide through your games. A helpful mentor, a stern instructor. I am here to ensure that the collective group here is having as much fun as they can. I will ensure this by upholding a set of rules designed to keep obnoxious and/or uncooperative actions to a bare minimum. This will be simple enough if you have read the Rules before signing up and making sure that you are aware of them throughout your stay on EGO.

If this is your first time visiting this site I would, again, send you to the rule page linked above. Once familiar with the rules you will be able to make an account and enjoy your time here. We are always looking for new members and we will make the environment here as open and accepting as possible. This will be a family outside of your real family, a place filled with friends whom you will be able to talk to and RP with and get to know as much as you see fit.

And though the above is true. You do not have to be yourself here. You are free to be whomever it is that you wish to be. A new name, a new personality, a new person entirely if you so wish. We want you to feel both safe and comfortable, and we will do whatever we can to ensure that, but you must do your own part.

If you have read the rules and are looking to join you can click Register and start on your way.

If you are already a member.

Welcome Back, Friend

Perhaps one of the following links will be of some use to you:

Open RP, Reserved RP, Fandom RP, Personal Messaging
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Welcome to AlterEGO
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