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Character Rules

  1. Keep all your characters to one thread. When you make a character under the Submit section of the forum create a thread and make it obviously yours. An example would be: ‘Davesprite’s Characters’. That would be the name I give to the thread where I will put all of my characters. This thread is only for you, only you will post there.

  2. You do not need approval. Characters do not have to be approved. As soon as you post them you can use them. This being said, do not take advantage of this fact and not bother to properly fill out the character sheet. The sheet is there for a reason, it is to let other people know more about your character. We are here working under the assumption that you are comfortable with your own character. The forms are there so information does not have to be repeated in each and every RP because your partner has a small understanding of the character in which you are using.

  3. No limit in number. Feel free to make as many characters as you wish to. There, is of now, no limit to the number of characters you can create.

Click Here for the Character Template you are to use.
And for information on how to use the form you are provided with *you can modify the form given to you in any way you see fit*
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